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Board Member Election Results

By Danni 04/03/2017, 4:30pm CDT

Board member election results from March 30th:

  • Vice President - Jason Ashley
  • Treasurer - Derek Schmidt
  • Manager Director - Dennis Mohr
  • Board Member at Large - Andrew Wilkins

Raffle Contacts

Contact Us For Tickets:
Nate Borwege:   612-386-3941
Christian Anderson:  612-719-1161
Caleb Hard:  612-386-5147
Andy Blair: 612-386-7193

See Us at Dozinky Days September 17th

Code of Conduct

NPHA promotes sportsmanship, respect, and teamwork for all participants to the game.  A  ZERO tolerance policy is in effect for abusive behavior from parents, players and coaches towards any individual associated with the hockey program.  Thank you for cooperating.