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Spring Clinic & EOS 3V3

By Danni Monte 02/14/2017, 2:45pm CST

NPHA Spring Clinic and End of Season 3V3

Announcing: NPHA Spring Clinic and End of Season 3V3

 It"s nearing the end of another great season, and NPHA is offering a mini spring clinic in March to cap off the season. This is offered to kids who are currently registered with NPHA. These are for 10U/Squirt, 12U/Peewee and Bantams. These are free clinics that begin March 6th.
 The structure will be set up like this: Next years first and second year Squirts will skate together.  Next years first and second year 10U and 12U will skate together. Next years first and second year Bantams will skate together.
  There will also be  half-ice 3V3 games with the cross ice boards on Saturday March 11 and Sunday March 12.  These games will be played with the level your child is at for this season.  The intent is no structure and just come out and play some backyard hockey and have a lot of fun.  All the days and times are listed below.  There is a sign up sheet link is below so that we may plan accordingly for the amount of players we will have. 
Mon. March 6
7-8pm peewee ( next years first & second year)
810-910pm Bantam ( next years first & second yr)
Tues. March 7
7-8pm peewee (next years first and second year)
810-910pm bantam( next years first & second yr)
Thurs. March 9
7-8pm squirt ( next years first and second yr)
810-910pm 10U & 12U (next years first & second yr)
Fri. March 10
7-8pm 10U & 12U ( next years first & second year)
810-910pm squirt ( next years first & second year)
Sat. March 11: 3 VS 3 : 1/2 ice games
440-540pm squirt/10U ( this years teams)
550-650pm peewee/12U ( this years teams)
7-8pm Bantam ( this years teams)

Sun. March 12: 3 VS 3: 1/2 ice games
230-335pm squirt/10U ( this years teams)
345-450pm peewee/12U ( this years teams)
610-725pm  Bantam  ( this years teams)
Mon. March 13
740-840 Bantam ( next years first & second yr)
Tues. March 14
740-840 peewee (next years first &I second yr)

Here is the google link to sign up at:

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Code of Conduct

NPHA promotes sportsmanship, respect, and teamwork for all participants to the game.  A  ZERO tolerance policy is in effect for abusive behavior from parents, players and coaches towards any individual associated with the hockey program.  Thank you for cooperating.