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2019-2020 Squirt and 10U Teams

Congrats to all of our Squirt and 10U Players.  Again, Thank you to all of the Evaluators and the HDC for the many hours spent at the rink!!  

2019-2020 PW, Bantam and 12 U Teams

Congrats to all of our PW, Bantam and 12U players!  Thank you to all of the evaluators and to the HDC for all of the hours they put in at the arena this weekend!

If you are interested in being a manager, we still have openings!

Squirt Tryouts and 10U/ 12U Evaluations

Session 1 (5:30-6:15) - First half of alphabet A - Ha

Session 2 (6:30-7:15) - Last half of alphabet He - Z

*Goalies do NOT attend day 1 (Thursday) of tryouts

New splits will be made and sent out for day two of tryouts after day one.

*All Squirt goalies will attend the Saturday goalie only evaluation. After this session goalies will be informed as to which squirt session to attend.


10U and 12U Girls:

10U and 12U Goalies, please attend the Saturday (12:40-1:40) goalie only evaluation session. In addition, Goalies can attend Saturday's (4:25-5:25) skill evaluation session. 

All 10U and 12U skaters please attend the skills evaluation days on Saturday (4:25-5:25) and Sunday (3:10-4:10).

Squirt Tryout Schedule


Thursday 3-Oct 5:30-6:15 Squirt
Thursday 3-Oct 6:30-7:15 Squirt
Saturday 5-Oct 12:40-1:40 Squirt / 10U Goalies
Saturday 5-Oct 1:55-2:55 Squirt
Saturday 5-Oct 3:10-4:10 Squirt
Saturday 5-Oct 4:25-5:25 10U / 12U
Sunday 6-Oct 12:40-1:40 Squirt
Sunday 6-Oct 1:55-2:55 Squirt
Sunday 6-Oct 3:10-4:10 10U / 12U
Monday 7-Oct 5:30-6:15 Squirt
Monday 7-Oct 6:30-7:15 Squirt

    Code of Conduct

    NPHA promotes sportsmanship, respect, and teamwork for all participants to the game.  A  ZERO tolerance policy is in effect for abusive behavior from parents, players and coaches towards any individual associated with the hockey program.  Thank you for cooperating.

    New Prague Hockey Association Is Now Part Of USA Hockey's IntelliGym Program. Click to learn more!