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Thank you to all who supported NPHA for purchasing a Raffle Calendar from one of our players!

Check back often the entire month of February to see who our lucky Winners are!

Feb 1st $1000 (#1967)- Kelly Weber

Feb 2nd $500 (#1620)- Holly Locher

Feb 3rd $300 (#2395)- Deborah Porter

Feb 4th $300 (#0173)- Mike Salzwedel

Feb 5th $300 (#2149)- Lu Herbeck

Feb 6th $300 (#0856)- Shelly Nieman

Feb 7th $500 (#2907)- Shannon O'Rourke

Feb 8th $1000 (#2244)- Mike Cloutier

Feb 9th $400 (#1336)- Mary Ann Bigaouette

Feb 10th $300 (#3330)- Chris Nelson

Feb 11th $200 (#3341)- Tracey Gutzmer

Feb 12th $200 (#3199)- Cory Larken

Feb 13th $300 (#0143)- Roger Cox

Feb 14th $500 (#2979)- David Turnberg

Feb 15th $1000 (#1833)- Terri Novak

Feb 16th $300 (#3346)- Tracey Gutzmer

Feb 17th $200 (#2819)- Steve Sowada

Feb 18th $200 (#1433)- Joe Halbmaier

Feb 19th $200 (#1773)- Connie Kopet

Feb 20th $300 (#1889)- Dave Stapf

Feb 21st $400 (#3108)- Chantel Gaaskjoen

Feb 22nd $1000 (#2369)- Jean Neher

Feb 23rd $300 (#2469)- Jill Dickerson

Feb 24th $200 (#3179)- Tracey Gutzmer

Feb 25th $200 (#1654)- Martin Weller

Feb 26th $200 (#2629)- Jill Hanzel

Feb 27th $200 (#1864)- Rolly Meinke

Feb 28th $200 (#0088)- Patrick Witt

Feb 29th $1000 (#3366)- Ben Lazzari

Fishtale Grill $25 Gift Card Winners:

1. (#1942)-Jeff Bosch

2. (#2051)- Andrew Blair

3. (#0423)- David Drill

4. (#2955)- Sarah Hartman

5. (#1814)- Bill Toelke

6. (#2072)- Brian Christensen

7. (#0019)- Timothy Bessette

8. (#2005)- Amy Clancy

Kwik Trip $25 Gift Card Winners:

1. (#3277)- Molly Thul

2. (#2876)- Karry Helgestad

3. (#2291)- Zoeann Lefler

4. (#3226)- Steph Mohr

Green Mill $25 Gift Card Winners:

1. (#2760)- J.P. Pomerenke

2. (#2836)- Sandy Eaton

Hyvee Market Grille $20 Gift Card Winners:

1. (#0024)- Jessica Bessette

2. (#0184)- Jim Pelowski

3. (#1035)- Joel Carter

4. (#0422)- David Drill

Winners will be contacted within 10 days of posting.

Raffle Calendar Fundraiser – MANDATORY for NPHA families.
• Each family is required to sell a minimum of 15 calendars
• The cost of the calendar is $20 each and are paid for in your registration which can be spread out over 5 months if you choose. • Each calendar you then sell you keep the money so you will just need to return the calendar stubs by the turn in date.

This fundraiser is mandatory for ALL members including New Families.

Raffle Calendar Rules and Information
 The raffle calendar is a NPHA fundraiser
 All the gambling rules and regulations MUST be followed
 Mandatory for ALL members

Important dates (subject to change) will be posted on the website

Calendar Stub Collection Dates: 

Saturday, January 11th from 9-11 am at the New Prague Ice Arena

Wednesday, January 15th from 6-8 pm at the New Prague Ice Arena. 

**Raffle sales will close January 15th, 2020 - All Calendars Must be turned in on or before these dates. 

The drawing will be held February 1st at the Fishtale Grill at 8:00 pm (All winners will be picked at that time).

The drawing is open to the public.

Each Sunday evening during the month of February, winners for the previous week will be released and posted.

Winners will be contacted via phone number or email provided on detachable stub. All winnings will be mailed on or before March 2nd, 2020. 


For any questions concerning Raffle Calendar fundraising contact Susan Murphy,

Susan Murphy

Raffle Calendar Coordinator

Nate Borwege

Gambling Manager